Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Vacation Photo Photos

We had a blast in Colorado and I'm finally returning to my real housewife life. I'm actually being productive and decluttering my house. Here are some of the highlights of our trip, the rest can be found on my shutterfly share site.

Left: We have finally arrived and after two days of travel are minutes away from the cabin.
Right: There were so many snowy photo ops off of the main road.

 After we arrived and the bags were unpacked, Smokey and I started to get settled in.

Left: The men burned some wood piles that they had stacked up from the summer and enjoyed some of the cold weather. I'm a wimp and didn't spend much time out enjoying the snow. Right: Tarponia- The beautiful cabin we stayed in. I can't wait to come back in the summer; I'll enjoy the out doors then.

After 2 days in the cabin, we ventured out in a blizzard to spend the day in Telluride.
Left: View of Telluride from the Gondola  Right: Lots of skiers at Mountain Village

On New Year's Eve Day we went to Ouray, CO. These photos were taken at the Ouray Brewery. A new brewery in Ouray and they have swings for seating at their bar...that's what we are sitting on :)
(On our way back to the cabin this day, we also visited Colorado Boy another local brewery in Ridgway, CO. Very cool little brew house in a small mountain town and they had Etch-a-Sketches on the tables! So amusing and fun. If you're ever in this part of Colorado check out these local Breweries.)

While in Ouray we also visited the Ice Park in town. I've never seen an Ice Park and it was so beautiful. The week after we left was the Ouray Ice Festival, they have ice climbing competitions and people from all over the world come here to climb. The town was full of tourist and people that were here for the competition.

We left the cabin on New Year's Day. The top photo is a view of the mountains from the cabin balcony. It was a white out every day that we were there, except for the first and the last. The bottom photo is of us leaving the cabin via snowmobile. I don't think anyone looks good in a helmet...especially in below zero temperatures, but it did keep my face warm.

We left this day and started on our way to Nebraska. It was snowy and the roads we terrible the farther west we went and it took 3 times as long as it should to get to Denver. We stayed over in the only town with a hotel for 200 miles in Sterling, CO and made it to Omaha, NE the next day about 5pm. So after 2 full days of driving found our way to my home for the next 2 days, the Holiday Inn. Nick worked and I scrapbooked at the hotel.

We arrived home in Illinois on a Wednesday evening after being gone for 9 days and we were both so happy to be home...and our pups were really glad that we were home.

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