Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Show and Tell

     Check out this adorable little Chickummyjig! 

I came across the pattern yesterday over at myrtle & eunice. Just in time for Easter. He was super easy to sew and I put him all together in about an hour. 

This is a great scrappy project. After I printed to pattern, I found out it was larger than I had thought. I think I am going to scale the pattern size down and play with some mini chicks in the next few days. 

I just can't get over how cute he is...the dogs got super excited when I got the polyfil to keep them away from my little chicken.

Please check out Myrtle and Eunice, leave her some love, and get your pattern here.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Touch Up Tuesday

 It's been a while since I've posted a Tuesday photo...not that I haven't been taking photos, finding the time to upload and edit is what I've been struggling with. This weekend was beautiful, I didn't manage to get any daytime shots, but once that big, bright, almost full moon came out...I went and got my camera and tripod. We were standing down by the creek enjoying a bonfire with friends and I managed to get a few cool shots of the moon lighting up the trees.

Before the edit

After the edit
Editing Process
1. Use Clone tool to get rid of grass and branch on the bottom corners of image.
2. Use Burn tool to darken cloned areas.  3. Adjust Sharpness
4. Use Defog Filter    5. Adjust Levels   6. Crop

Someone turned on their four-wheeler lights as I had the shutter open and it gave the center of the picture more of a definitely lit it up more than the other images. This was taken with a Canon Rebel T2i at 9:45 in the evening.
Manual settings - f/3.5, 30 second exposure, ISO 400, focal length 18mm.

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Scrap Swap

 A few weeks ago I participated in a Scrap Swap at Sew Tara. I received a package with some awesome loot from my swap partner Barb from Connecticut.

  She is a former Mid-Westerner, like myself and a quilter. The swaps she sent are much different than any fabric that I have in my stash. I loved that she pinned little notes on each stack of fabric telling me about each of them. 

 Barb also included some quilted cards and  African beads...the little carved elephants are going to make some fun summer earrings.

Top: All the fabric stacks. Bottom: African and other foreign fabric    
Top: Batik Fabrics. Bottom: Hand Dyed Fabrics
Close-ups of the beautiful quilted greeting cards...these are so precious