Monday, January 10, 2011

Wandering Mind

I have misplaced my organized, punctual, motivated mind. I am stuck in vacation mode and can't seem to shake it. I set both of my alarms last night with the intentions of getting up early and actually getting some things done this morning. I woke up at 6:20, took the dogs out, and fed them...then we all found our way back to bed and watching the morning news.

The early morning news turned into the mid-morning news after our morning nap. This is just wrong. I shouldn't be taking a morning nap or sleeping in. Nick is out of town working and I have no one to give me that huge shove to make my feet hit the floor.

I did manage to have a bowl of cereal, take a shower, and watch the fourth of the today show...gotta love the DVR. Record while I'm in the shower and getting ready...then fast forward through the commercials and finish watching at the normal end time 11 am.

Now it's almost 1 pm and other than uploading Silhouette Quickutz, all I've done is make and eat a salad. Oh! and blow dry my hair..which is a huge deal...most days I don't even brush it. This may sound strange I know, but it is long and stick straight. I can get out of the shower and let it air dry and somehow it ends up tangle free. Amazing.

Back to my Silhouette Machine. I'm in love. My wonderful boyfriend purchased my entire Amazon wishlist for Christmas! This was one of my most desired items on the list. Though I haven't had much time to use it, because my craft room is simply a mess. I have bags and boxes from vacation/Christmas piled on the tables and floor.

The one thing I did catch between the news and my morning nap that today is National Clean off your desk day! I'll be working on that shortly. Then I can rewards myself with some quality time with my Silhouette. Sorry Pups, Mama needs to scrap.

If you have a Silhouette or Cricut or any little crafty cutter for that matter you might want to check out these awesome websites that have free cutting downloads. I've subscribed and read and downloaded and uploaded..but need to find time to cut.

and , they both have awesome advice and files. Some for free and some to purchase, so support your fellows crafters and bloggers and check out their sites.

Enough with the procrastinating, I've gotta get busy and run to town before the snow starts.

Until tomorrow.

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