Sunday, February 13, 2011


It's been a busy week and I am proud to say that I actually worked 3 days this week...3 days at a real grown-up job. I haven't worked a real day at a real job in almost 4 years. I'm pretty proud of myself and I really enjoyed it.

I worked as a substitute teacher's aid at a local high school. It has been almost a year since I had been in a classroom setting for school...I kind of missed it. Though I had never done any observing in a high school, it was a really neat experience and I hope that I can sub again soon.

Seeing how I want to be a teacher and will be starting school in the fall to complete my final 2 semesters before student teaching. I think that it has really widened my perspective as to what I might want to teach. Maybe I will put my sub application in at some local elementary schools this week. I could use something to occupy some of my days and a paycheck here and there doesn't hurt.

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