Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Touch Up Tuesday

   I've been super busy lately and I finally had time yesterday evening to work on a Touch up Tuesday Photo. This photo was taken 2 weeks ago. It was early morning and there was still a little layer of ice on the far side of the lake; the fountain was off and the reflection was beautiful. I took the same shot the night before with a full moon in the sky, but was too lazy to get my tripod and it has a little camera shake...maybe I'll post it another day.



I edited the photo in PSE 8. I straightened the image and then cropped it. Adjusted the Levels and used the Burn Tool to reduce the Sun Flare on the top right hand corner.

Sweet Shot Day Touch Up Tuesday's at the Paper Mama


  1. I love this. It's edited just enough to still look like it could have come straight out of your camera. I like it a lot. Looks very peaceful

  2. This photo really makes you study it. At first I didn't understand that there was still ice on the water but then I got it - so interesting. You know what, I like both angles!

  3. Nice edit! I almost always go for more contrast in my shots.

  4. Beautiful edit, everything pops so much more!

  5. That's a great picture itself, but you did a great job editing. You didn't overdo it, and I relly really like that!