Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Weather

   It was officially Spring last week and we had gorgeous weather. I think this weekend Mother Nature was playing a cruel trick on us. It's been chilly the past few days, but I wasn't expecting 3-5 inches of snow. 

   These were taken yesterday morning around 10 am, while I was sitting at the table sewing. I always enjoy this fat little squirrel, he's become a regular at the bird feeders since we moved here a year ago. 

    And this is the same tree at 4:30 pm...showing no signs of stopping.

     We live out in the country and I don't think we got quite 3 inches, but surrounding areas got 3 - 5 inches.
 This morning there is still the slight trace of snow in the trees and on the ground, but the sun is shining bright...which is something we haven't seen in the past few days. I'm hoping to enjoy the sunshine through the windows and finish the weekend project I've been working on....Pictures to come. 

Brody enjoying the morning sunshine today!

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